As a one-band band, Ron relies on state-of-the-art equipment and the latest computer software in order to present a show that sounds and looks much more like a full band experience. Below is a list of hardware and software that he employs at every show (lighting and fog effect when applicable).

  • Adobe Creative Cloud software
       Adobe CC Audition
       Adobe CC Premiere
       Adobe CC Media Encoder
       Adobe CC Dreamweaver
  • HP ProBook laptop
  • 1991 Jackson Dinky Reverse electric guitar
  • 2010 Alvarez acoustic guitar w. Fishman pickup
  • B52 Matrix 2000 PA system
  • Harbringer 15" PA and monitors
  • 4- Par 64 LED lights
  • Roland ME-25 multiFX processor
  • Shure SM58 mics
  • Fostex studio monitors
  • American DJ Fogstorm 700 fogger
  • Alesis MultiMix 8 USB FX boards
  • Helicon Mic Mechanic vocal processor
  • Audio-Technica Instrument Wireless Systems